Whitewater docks by Double R Performance manufactures floating docks, ramps, pole docks, and accessories for your cottage. They provide top quality engineering, design, and manufacturing. 


Check out their website for more information: http://whitewaterdocks.com/


HDPE Floating Dock Pro Series

Unique HDPE floatation framework provided superior buoyancy, strength, and stability. 

The heavy-duty HDPE pipe frame acts as the floatation system but its longitudinal and lateral welded frame gives the dock superior compression and torsional strength ideal if you choose to leave the dock in the ice over the winter. 

Floating Pipe Docks


The same Eco-friendly HDPE pipe and Fusion Technics are used to produce an excellent quality dock. The flotation consists of two separate 18" diameter pipes with pipe tabs bolted to the lateral wooden joists, side skirt fascia and decking. The dock pontoons can be purchased separately or Whitewater can fabricate the dock for you.

Floating Picnic Tables


The same floatation framework used on the docks is converted into an area to lounge in the water

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