Tarrison Kayak Racks

Tarrison is a full line manufacturer that caters to a number of markets, because they provide us with several product groups. One of their product groups which we are very fond of are their marine prodcuts which include the Kayak Racks. 

The Kayak racks are durable, and can fit easily on your dock space without taking up too much room. They are all heavy duty stainless steal construction and are desgined for both canoes or kayaks or combined storage. This unit can be mounted on the dock, the wall or the ground and with adjustable arms you can create your own custom spacing. These reinforeced arms are made for heavy loads, so if you have kayaks or canoes lying on the ground there are no excuses!

With four levels, and knockdesign design for transporation and handling ease, these Kayak Racks are the way to go!

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