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FIM Umbrella


FIM is a company specializing in the production of large umbrellas: a reality consolidated
over time thanks to more than 75 years of expertise! Giving shelter and protection from the sun, FIM Umbrellas create shaded and cool areas as a reprieve from the summer heat.


Click on the images below or check out their website for more information:

Contact BigRedWorks today to place your FIM Umbrella order, and stay in the shade in style!



10.5ft 6-rib canopy, with a teakwood upright pole and a beautifully carved teakwood center hub. This model adds old world charm to your backyard, while providing the ease of operation of a superbly designed, technologically advanced piece of European ingenuity.


"Just got our new FIM umbrella delivered from Scott and we couldn't be more pleased! Super quick delivery, easy installation, and extremely well manufactured. Very high quality. The low profile base plate allowed us to install the umbrella on our dock where some shade was desparately needed. Would highly recommend these umbrellas to anyone." 


-Ken from Honey Harbour


10.5ft 6-rib canopy with a graphite powder-coated aluminum frame presents a sleek and unobtrusive silhouette. The tilt function allows to provide shade even to the outer reaches of your patio, no-one needs to squint againt the setting sun.



The same frame, this time with a generous 9.5 x 9. ft. square 8-rib canopy. Do the math: you can cover 360 square feet on your patio with just one umbrella.





9.5ft square - Model P24 (peppercorn brown frame)

Model P19 has a powder-coated frame for a sleek, contemporary look.


13 ft octagonal - Model P20 (peppercorn brown frame)


11.5ft square-Model P17 (black frame)

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