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When a power outage strikes, Sommers Residential Generators ensure that your cottage automatically stays powered on! With a full range of generators that can be custom built to suit your cottage’s specific needs, you’ll always have standby power ready.

There are many reasons that a power outage may occur, from natural causes like severe storms and wildlife to scheduled interruptions, technology failures, or even unexpected errors like a brown or blackout. As many of you know, the power in our surrounding area can be very unpredictable and we are not the top priority for service restoration...

Combat the uncertainty with a Sommers Generator! You spend time and energy to haul food up to the cottage and you want to enjoy every day in the short cottage season. Don't let a power outage put a damper on your GBay days! 

Contact BigRedWorks today to get your generator installation rolling, before that power goes out again!

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