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Pest Control by Eco-Chioce Pest Control

BigRedWorks has teamed up with Eco-Chioce Pest Control out of Haliburton, ON since 2016.


Eco-choice are extremely dedicated to providing effective, professional and ecological solutions to pest control. They share an in depth scienfitic knowledge of pests, including their habitat and feeding practices which allows them to treat both safely and effectively. 

Pests include but are not limited to: 

  • ants

  • mice

  • roaches

  • spiders

  • bats

  • squirrels

If you would like a quote for any of their pest services, please contact us in the BigRed office today. 

Information you will need for a quote: 

  • Number of buildings

  • Square footage of all buildings

  • Foundation type

  • Defining features ex. cedar shakes, large decks, etc

  • The pest of interest, where you are seeing them and any target areas

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