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Why Red?



Ever wonder why we are called BigREDWorks and not BigBLUE or BigGREEN? Well, there is a story behind it all. When we started our search for the first barge, the one we found had BIG, RED pontoons. We liked the name BigRed, but BigRedMaintenance was a bit too chewy. We settled on BigRedWorks, after the Boat Club's previous name: The Honey Harbour Boat Works. And let's be honest, the BigRedTeam is no stranger to hard work! Once we decided on BigRedWorks, we never looked back. Not only do we have red barges, red ATVs and multiple red boats, but we also have red uniforms, hats and a little red office to boot. It was no secret that red was going to attract attention and stand out on the water, but we have recently learned that red means so much more. Here are some of the fun facts:

• Red represents power, passion, speed, style and strength
• Red encourages action, focus, leadership, confidence and courage
• Red is known as an exciting colour as it increases enthusiasm and is

   directly related to a high level of energy
• There are 23 shades of red crayons
• Wilma Flinstone was one of the most famous redheads
• Red is the highest arc of the rainbow
• Red is the first colour you lose sight of at twilight
• Red is the longest wave length of light
• Red causes the strongest reaction for the human eye
• Red has been seen as good luck
• Red is often the colour used in national flags
So next time you see the red hot workers or see the red boats whizzing

by, give a wave and call BigRedWorks for all your cottage maintenance


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